Your Ideas into Professional Presentations in Seconds with AI

Say bye-bye to boring, laborious presentations making. Let the computer do the hard work and make the presentations for you!

How it works?

In 2 simple steps, you can generate presentation slides with just topic and slide count.

Step 1

Install MagicSlides

Install MagicSlides from the Google Workspace Marketplace

Step 2

Open MagicSlides App

Visit and create a new slide. And Launch MagicSlides from the add-ons menu. Extensions > MagicSlides App > open

Step 3

Enter Slide Info

Enter topic of the presentation and slide count. MagicSlides will automatically generate the slides for you. You can also enter some text to be used in the slides.

Step 4

Click Generate

Once you have entered the info, click on generate button and wait for few seconds. MagicSlides will generate the slides for you.

Frequently asked questions

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