Presentation with AI inside ChatGPT

If you use ChatGPT to create presentation, Checkout MagicSlides ChatGPT Plugin
have you tried any chatgpt plugins yet? it’s like app store inside chatgpt to make apps which will work with chat interface.
you just ask and the app gets stuff done for you.
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One of the coolest plugins available on ChatGPT is Magicslides, which allows you to create presentations right inside the chat interface.


To install ChatGPT plugin, simply add it in the 'Plugin Store' once you select Model: GPT-4 -> Plugins -> Plugin Store in the ChatGPT UI (if you are a ChatGPT Pro user)
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To use MagicSlides, Just simply provide the Topic you want to create presentation about. And it will create it for you.
You: Create presentation about What are blockchain and cryptocurrencies?
ChatGPT: Loading…
ChatGPT: Great news! I've created a presentation about "What are Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies?". You can download it using the link below:
Feel free to review it and let me know if you have any questions or would like to make any changes.
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Overview ChatGPT plugin helps do all the research for you and create appropriate presentation.


Create presentation from Topic and all features coming soon.

How it works

based on your topic we ask OpenAI to generate the info and then we create presentation with that info and give you download link.
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