Getting Started Guide

In this step by step docs, you will see how to use AI to generate beautiful presentations in seconds for free. The whole setup process will take 2 min and require no money, then you can generate presentation in less than 60 sec.
To be Followed on Desktop/Laptop if using Mobile download this page as pdf

Get started

Install the add-on (1 min)

  • Click on the Install button
notion image
  • Click on Continue
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  • Pick your Google account (it is recommend to be logged in with single gmail id, create new chrome profile if have more)
notion image
  • Allow the requested permissions
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  • And you’re done!, Yes It shows next option which sends to this page.
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Create your First Presentation with AI (2 min)

  • visit (this will create new google slide)
  • then click Extensions > MagicSlides App > Open
  • Enter Any Topic for the presentation, and update slide count and click generate. I provided
Topic: How AI is going to Revolutionise Presentation Creation Slide Count: 7 (default)
and when i click Generate, it will start generating it shows countdown as well
notion image
  • 🥳 Presentation is Successfully created.
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